Representing companies
Euro-Solutions also provides services as an agent representing foreign companies in the home country, or Polish firms abroad. If you would wish the European market to become interested in your activity, and you lack time or idea how to do this, Euro-Solutions will find the solution. The performance of tasks at a high level within the scope of representing companies will be guaranteed by knowledge of foreign languages, international contacts and knowledge of markets and habits existing in a given country.

Euro Solutions in Europe is an reliable partner !!! We own various teams with excellent craftsmen who execute the job under leading and supervising of the polish Team Leader.

Our work forces are supplied in our company: cars, tools and health & safety equipment in order to fulfil the execution of the contract statements signed with the main contractor.

We are active in many different branches, like stated below:

Construction Sites:
– General construction works;
– Brick laying;
– Demolitions;
– Electric & Hydraulic Installations;
– Etc.
Industrial cleaning:
– Office surfaces;
– Industrial companies;
– Food processing buildings;
– Shopping centres;
– Warehouses;
– Building sites.
Metal processing:
– Welding;
– CNC machines operating;
– Conventional lathing, milling and other machines operating;
– Etc.

Intra-community trade
Since the day of joining the European Union, Poland has become part of the so-called single market (also known as internal or common market) of the EU. For companies like Euro-Solutions which are, among others, involved in trade turnover with the remaining 26 member countries of the EU, this means the following changes:

  1. on the borders of member countries no customs controls are carried out, as among the EU countries there is a free flow of goods (apart from few exceptions), which means that there are not any non-tariff barriers like: contingents, anti-dumping duties, the SAD document has ceased to be obligatory as well etc.,
  2. irrespective of which member country is a recipient of a good, this good is subject to the same requirements as regards technical requirements,
  3. conducting an activity is dependent on holding NIP/Tax Identification Number with the PL prefix,
  4. In trade exchange among the EU countries, the following terms cease to be applied: “export” for the benefit of the term of “intra-community delivery” and “import” is replaced with the term of “intra-community acquisition”. Since 1 May 2004 export and import have meant trade exchange with the countries outside the European Union,
  5. new reporting obligations have appeared:
    • tax reporting,
    • statistical reporting (Intrastat declaration).

Employment agency
Euro-Solutions as an agency with the certificate no. 6453 granted by the Marshal of the Lubuskie Voivodship offers comprehensive organisation of the employment process of temporary workers in various industries in the home country only. Our offer is directed at the entrepreneurs who are not interested in additional costs of personnel selection, and as a provider of recruitment services, we ensure quick access to applications needed by a contractor. If you are looking for savings connected with carrying out the process of staff recruitment, ordering these services in Euro-Solutions matches your expectations.

Joining companies
Euro-Solutions as a consultant proposes searching for business partners, making an analysis of company data and their environment within the scope of the conducted activity with respect to the selection of contractors. If you are seeking a partner in selling your products in other countries, new suppliers or new products to be distributed in Poland, a partner within the scope of manufacturing, cooperation in other countries, Euro-Solutions will willingly help you in this.

All the above mentioned items are met by Euro-Solutions and, thanks to our experience, they are used in our gradual intra-community trade. We are optimistic and we are not afraid of new challenges connected with trading among the countries of the European Community and, therefore, we would like you all to join in the cooperation with us.