Our company is a newly established economic subject whose aim is to use opportunities opened up to us thanks to the membership in the European Community. Many years of gaining experience and building up contacts within the scope of cooperation in international teams has directly influenced the decision to use this advantage and commence supporting others in the fulfillment of their plans on European markets.

Euro-Solutions ensures a high quality of services, availability and flexibility and guarantees working conditions based on partnership and relying on the many years of experience gained through the cooperation with foreign clients and on an individual and long-term approach to clients’ expectations.

We value our regular business partners, therefore, long-lasting cooperation with them leads to more beneficial conditions of cooperation. In the future we offer our regular recipients, among others, the possibility to postpone payment, which shortens the lead time, as we do not make order fulfillment dependent on entering a prepayment in the accounting book. In the case of bulk services or orders, we offer our clients price discounts or free delivery of the ordered goods.

We are also a flexible company, adjusting to our contractors’ needs. We always consider the possibility to negotiate prices of the goods offered by us. We also realize that apart from prices our recipients attach a lot of importance to the quality of a finished product and lead times, therefore, we offer our regular clients shorter lead times.

Our advisers take orders quickly and professionally, respecting time of our recipients. We are aware that conducting business requires full involvement, hence, by saving your time, we enable extensive promotion and enhancement of client’s brand. Among others, prices are our asset and they are ones of the lowest in Poland. And all this is because we understand our clients and offer them services and products of the required quality at a reasonable price.

In view of the fact that we depend on our manufacturers, our employees flexibly adjust order fulfillment to our clients’ needs. However, this exerts no impact on the level of quality regarding the services provided by us, which is always the highest one possible.

The high quality of our services is also supported by our expert counseling. Our consultants, bearing in mind your interest, propose the best solutions, adjusting the services offered by us to the special character of your company. The competency of our services has been appreciated by, among others, the companies we have been and still are collaborating.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.